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London Underground Significant Tube Stock Models


N Gauge

OO Gauge

O Gauge

Standard Stock


Harrow (Kit)

Radley* b/

Bassett-Lowke (RTR)

38 Stock

Radley (Resin) b/



Ever Ready toy (RTR)

Pirate (Kit)  a/

Harrow (Kit) a/

Radley b/

EFE P d/


59/62 Stock


Harrow (Kit) a/

Radley b/

EFE  P d/

Metromodels*  c/


72 Stock


Metromodels* c/


73 Stock


Metromodels* c/


92 Stock


Metromodels* c/

Peter Clark (Kit)  e/

95/96 Stock

Shapeways (Kits)*  f/

Metromodels* c/


09 Stock


Metromodels* c/


Battery Loco

Radley b/

Radley* b/



*= Currently available (May 2019), RTR= Ready To Run.

a/ The Pirate and Harrow kits were heavy white metal and really need two Spud motor bogies.

b/ Radley (Phil Radley)

Phil Radley took over the London Underground section of the Harrow Model Shop with its white metal kits. He now tends to do very small batches of kits, so one needs to grab them when they appear.

c/ Metromodels (John Polley)

The earlier Metromodels were painted brass RTR models made in Sri Lanka. The current models comprise a wide range of the more recent Underground stock. Their EFE models are RTR. Their 3D printed models are complete kits, but unpainted. John also sells parts.

d/ EFE trains are display models, so need new bogies and motorising, such as Metromodels offer. EFE was acquired by Bachmann, but there are no plans to reintroduce these trains, as yet.

e/ Peter Clark took over Roger Murray’s O Gauge brass kits

f/ Shapeways 3D Plastic Printing Netherlands

For Example N Gauge 95 stock from Alternative Model Railways (Paul Burkitt Gray) and via “No Frills” (Bob Davies).  Some models are very good but take care when ordering from Shapeways, as there is no vetting.  For example one is in HO scale. I use Google to search instead of the Shapeways search engine. Manufacturing can be slow. 



London Underground Tube Stock Parts and Information


N Gauge

OO Gauge

O Gauge


Consider USA signals

Roger Murray


Or convert a UK signal with a rounded shield.


Squat Motor Bogies

Tomytec TM-05R A

17metres long (chamfer the sides) Dimensions here


Tenshodo Spud


(File the bottom off)

Metromodels sell a collar with coupling bar pin and shoes. c/


Bogies (with shoes)

3D print or Tomytec 265603 (no shoes)

Metromodels c/

With a coupling bar.



Fox Valley 33” 33xx*  varied axle lengths g/

Dundas 5.1mm PN67

+bearings PN51 h/





MicroTrains* g/

Metromodels or KDee


LT Roundel Transfers and Signs LT9977 is close. (Not




Conductor Rail Pots

(Just glue the rail)

Peco* (Recess pots to clear pickup shoes)



Cable Hangers





Buildings - Stations

Street Level *(Kit) j/


Street Level *(Kit) j/

Kingsway*(Kit) k/


Door Actuators


Memory Wire: see MERG Forum


Paint Colours

Red: Livery red NCS S 1085-Y90R Approx. Traffic Red code RAL 3020 (Earlier stock was various reds)

White: In fact it’s a Light Grey code NCS S 1502-Y

Blue: NCS S 4550-R70B Approx. Ultramarine Blue code RAL 5002

Roof: Dirty grey (Earlier stock was various reds and browns)

DCC Sounds

Not easy: I took an ESU Loksound tram recording, which is similar, then recorded Tube Stock sounds on an iPhone and replaced the incorrect tram sounds using a Loksound programmer. m/

Nuts and Bolts

Clerkenwell Screws, 109 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5BY


Terry Russell Trams

Freedom Of Information results on

Gauge O Guild: 1933 Standard stock in Edwards Drawings

eBay may yield drawings provided by the LT PR dept. 50 years ago.

The LT Museum can produce drawings but it’s a complicated procedure.

More Information

London Underground Railway Society

Facebook Group: Nigel Spate’s “Modelling the London Underground”

District Dave’s forum: Modelling section

RM Web forum: London Underground community

MERG Forum (needs membership)




*= Currently available (May 2019)  Most manufacturers make small batches so are often out of stock.

g/ Fox Valley wheels and Microtrains couplers (Tony Anderson)

h/ Dundas (Andrew Hastie)  PN51 Bearings also come from Peco.

j / Street Level Kits (Charlie Connor)

k/ Kingsway (John Howe)

m/ Sounds are audible on the video of my old layout on YouTube: Search for Redstone Town.

April 2018, revised August 2019.